It's World Water Day March 22nd

Posted on: Friday, March 21, 2014

Water is super important. We need fresh water to drink and to live.  World Water Day is a good time to think about how we use water.  Where does our water come from?  How does it get to our home?  When we use up water (like with our sinks, toilets, dirty laundry water)... where does it go?

Find out in your OWN home and your own school where your water comes from, and how to use less of it.  And don't forget... it takes engergy to make water, and water to make energy!  People, animals, plants, and even machines use water. 

Take a minute on March 22 to think about water.... but not while you're in the shower, don't waste it!  :))

For more water facts, watch "Nautilus Leaks" web series on
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